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Facing The Reality Of Emotional Pain

Facing The Reality Of Emotional Pain

Throughout my daily interactions, I run into people who share issues they are dealing with. I'm re-posting this in hopes that someone who is hurting will come across it and realize that life can and does get better. Sometimes we have to work towards it aggressively to make it happen.

Originally Posted July 2, 2017

Emotional pain is a beast. It is often brought on by hurtful words, events or actions of people we love and care about. When our sense of family and friendship is threatened it can shake your sense of security to the core. Emotional pain caused by the ones we love can sometimes take years to heal. An apology helps jump start the healing process but the wound doesn’t scab over right away.

It can cause feelings of loss, grief, depression, resentment, anger and much more. If left unchecked it can become debilitating. How one copes with emotional pain is important to your overall health and wellness. Here are some tips than can help you through the process.


One way to deal with the pain is to shed some tears. As Lyfe Jennings said in his song Cry, “crying is like taking your soul to the laundromat”. It acknowledges the hurt, releases the initial shock of the offense and relieves stress allowing one to view the situation more clearly.

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a cry baby. I’ve learned that it is okay to cry sometimes. Afterwards I feel better. For some situations once I cry, I’m able to move on from the incident like nothing ever happened. I’m better for it. Accepting the reality of my pain is necessary for me to reach the peace that comes after the pain goes away.


When the waterfall of tears stops flowing, write it down. Journaling offers a safe place to write out the detail of what happened so you can consider the situation with clarity. You can question what you don’t understand and write out your feelings about it. You can even write down the result you would like to see happen.

What you write is for you. You don’t have to share it with anyone else. The words of your heart stay between you the paper and the Creator. Write whenever the situation weighs heavy on your mind. At a later time go back and read your words if you feel like it. Have you received any insight since putting your thoughts on paper? Is the emotional pain still present? Has the wound healed completely?

Journaling has helped me in seasons of celebrations and tribulation. I write to heal emotional pain and express my creativity. Many times I write for myself. Sometimes I write for others. This blog site was started as a coping mechanism. During a season of overwhelming emotional pain I needed a release to keep my head straight. In addition to other things I was in the middle of a life altering health crisis and grieving the passing of my father.

I decided to do a blog for several reasons. It was a new experience for me because I had to learn how to set it up and everything that goes with the process. Writing blog posts would keep me productive and help fight off depression. Since it’s an online platform, any feedback could help improve my writing. Someone who was going through a rough season of their own may be inspired by the words I write to encourage myself. People say that a person doesn’t go through trials for themselves but to help someone else. Channeling your emotional pain is important to help you get the most out of life.


There is no shame in seeking professional help. If the emotional pain is affecting you in such a manner that your daily life is in a constant state of negativity, get professional help. A therapist provides a safe place to work through your problems without judgment. An objective ear with no emotional attachment to you can point out things that your foggy perception cannot see. This can help you move into a healthy space.

Facing emotional pain is about moving forward.

  • Acknowledge the pain
  • Allow yourself to experience it
  • Release it in a healthy format

Emotional pain is a part of life but you can conquer it. Be creative and move forward into your best life.

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