Need to start over but not sure where to start? Sometimes the answer is in the mirror waiting on us to open our spiritual eyes and interpret the message staring back at us. Follow these three steps to continue on your journey.

It's Okay to Start Over, Again...

Starting over, like change, is inevitable. What happens when the day arrives that finds one waking up to the realization that expectations, like people, ambitiously evolve? Starting over means making a choice to keep going. A choice to hope, seize and create opportunity and live joyously;

Walking In God's Sufficient Grace

Not only did God’s sufficient grace allow me to share my testimony in front of an audience, but God gave me a peaceful joy in doing so. Writing your experience is one thing, sharing it verbally is a whole different vibe.

Can I Breathe?

It is imperative for the sake of everyone’s well being that we are responsible in our actions. So here we are fighting to live while living to die because the stress of life is too hard to face sober.

Cheers To The Good Ones

The Bible talks about Jesus being the friend who never leaves our side. Sometimes the love of God needs to be felt in the form of another human being that you can touch physically. My inner circle stepped up in every aspect I needed.